9. With SD-WAN, you can reduce operational costs and improve IT complexity by having everything in one place

The transformation of companies has been taking place with the advance of technologies, evolving towards a technological future. The obsolescence of the WAN networks is increasingly evident, for this reason, companies have to make the decision to upgrade or stay in the past. WAN networks are the focal point within companies currently.

These networks grow and are located in different sd wan products geographical places; this has meant that they have to diversify geographically. Remote and mobile users have increased in recent years, and with them, the way to access applications and information has changed, usually through providers that provide cloud-based solutions. The links have lost importance and have remained in the past.
Companies look for a solution to their communications networks and high-end SD-WAN providers offer them a solution with a single platform where SD-WAN products are the protagonist. With SD-WAN, they will be able to reduce operational costs and improve IT complexity, suppose they have the functionality, reliability, and security that they both want.
High-end SD-WAN providers offer a series of SD-WAN Solutions, such as:
• Simplified administration tasks: CNM Controller allows you to configure a completely secure and application-oriented network. It has a powerful graphical user interface that combined MPLS and Internet lines can choose the best route for each application, reducing operating costs and improving network performance.
• Integration of additional services: with CNM Servicer you can chain the services of the network devices. And as an added value, you will have the benefit of configuring your applications on all devices in the network.
• Integration: with Cloud Net Manager in a single glass panel will maintain the administration of the entire network installed in the branch. With this integration, you can solve problems in corporate networks and you can enable maintenance operations of the same, including all devices such as routers, access points, etc. In addition to this, the status of the network can be monitored as well as troubleshooting events. You will be acquiring a very complete solution

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